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Sharper Management

Joel Starks was looking for ways to stand out from the competition and had outgrown his CRM system. He turned to LeadSimple to find a way to respond faster and better to his leads. Hear him describe their results after 12 months.

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Urbane Results

Jeremy needed a way to track his agents' sales performance that would be accurate enough to pay bonuses off of, yet simple enough that it wouldn't be extra work to use. Read why Urbane chose LeadSimple to track their sales activities automatically and report on each agent's performance.

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What Our Clients are Saying:

“My main goals were tracking sales people, tracking lead sources and being able to understand the data and drill down into where money is being spent and what my ROI really is. LeadSimple is easy. It connects with leads immediately and gives me an economical way to track our sales. It allows for seamless lead conversion and tracking. If you are a small to medium size company and need to add an economical way of sales tracking along with marketing ROI then LeadSimple is the tool for you.” Joel Starks, Partner, Head of Business Development - Sharper Management
“Our biggest concerns using LeadSimple were the reporting and documentation aspects. Our staff have financial incentives tied to lead response times and sales conversion rates. We wanted to be able to track exactly how long it took to respond to a lead, etc. LeadSimple tracks every communication with a prospective client and we feel confident paying out bonuses based on the information in LeadSimple. Regarding the reporting, it is really a perfect balance – it provides exactly what we need, without being an over complicated software that takes months to learn.” Jeremy Boardman, Broker/Owner - Urbane Results, LLC
“I love the fact that my company is the 1st to call every lead. This gives us a huge competitive advantage. Since we began using LeadSimple we have seen a significant increase in our close ratio.” Socrate Exantus, Broker/Owner - All County CFL Property Management
“We were worried it would be another thing to manage. It was quite the opposite. It helped us streamline our sales process and drive a better response. We really like the notifications, notes, and reminders. Its been both a time savings and organization tool. As we start to manage branch offices, it will also allow us oversight into the lead conversion process from afar. I'm just disappointed that our competition will start using it too.” Luc Marceau, Broker/Owner - Rentals America
“I am not as detailed oriented as I should be and thought it might be too time consuming, but it isn't. LeadSimple actually helps to condense time and keeps everything at my fingertips. All the information is there as soon as the owner places the inquiry so you don't have to do any additional research before calling the lead. Sales people tend to be a bit scattered. Details are not our first priority, but a necessary evil for success. LeadSimple keeps me detailed and helps me to be detailed without a big hassle.” Su Ferrera, Owner - All County Tampa Bay Property Management
“Being on the phone with the prospect before anyone else talks with them gives us a decided advantage in earning their business.

LeadSimple is also a powerful follow up and sales management tool. As the owner of a small business I want to know how my sales staff are doing. LeadSimple shows me how quickly a lead was responded to, how many follow up and contact attempts were made and it even lets me review recordings of sales calls for training purposes!

If I didn't like Chris and Jordan so much I probably wouldn't be writing this BECAUSE I DON'T WANT MY COMPETITION TO HAVE LeadSimple! :)” Mark Brower, Broker/Owner - Mark Brower Properties

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