Enhance LeadSimple with additional features and automation.

Text Messaging and Inbound Call Tracking

Track all sides of a conversation

Nearly everyone is carrying a smart phone around these days and it's proven that people will at least read, if not reply to, every text message they receive. Why not take advantage of that opportunity?

LeadSimple tracks outbound calls out of the box, and with inbound call tracking, you can effortlessly capture return calls to every agent with a LeadSimple phone number. You can also provision phone numbers for your inbound marketing campaigns, and automatically capture call-in leads in LeadSimple.

Import leads from anywhere

Marketing Automation

Capture and nurture more website leads

Your website probably attracts many qualified visitors who never fill out your contact form.

Give them a reason to connect with you by advertising an educational resource in exchange for their email address. With the Marketing Automation addon, you can embed Lead Magnet forms on your website and capture more leads.

Additionally, LeadSimple can track which pages leads are viewing on your website, and trigger stage changes based on this activity.

Marketing Automation

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