Capture and Collaborate

Import, organize, and enhance your lead data, automatically

Automatic Import

Get all your leads into one system, easily

Entering leads by hand should be the exception, not the norm. LeadSimple integrates with the lead providers you use, even your own website.

Just point your web form or lead vendor at a unique email address we provide, and new leads will automatically be added to LeadSimple as soon as they come in. Bulk import from CSV or spreadsheets is also supported.

Import leads from anywhere


Filter and categorize to your heart's content

LeadSimple makes it easy to filter leads based on: Lead Source, lead stage, assigned agent and much more.

It's more flexible than a spreadsheet, and a thousand times less clunky.

Filter your leads

Lead Enrichment

Verify and enhance your contact data

When a new lead comes in, we check whether it's contact information is correct and whether we can find any more information about the prospect and property.

Want to see if the email is correct, the address is real, or look up the property on Zillow? Done.

Lead Enrichment
“LeadSimple helps save time and keeps everything at my fingertips. It helps me to be detailed without a big hassle.” Su Fererra, Owner - All County Tampa Bay Property Management


Manage multiple teams and workflows New

If you have agents in different territories, or want to track different lead types LeadSimple has you covered.

Control what agents can see, and how leads are routed and assigned. Each lead type gets its own customizable sales process, so if you want to track owner, tenant, and association leads side-by-side, you can do that too.

Team and Workflow Management

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