Measure and Improve

"You can't manage what you can't measure." - Peter Drucker

Stop making guesses and get clear answers to questions like, "How quickly are my agents following up with leads?", or "What was our cost per new contract during last quarter?", or "Where should we advertise to get the highest ROI?"

LeadSimple helps you understand bottom line performance, and answer the question "why?"

Start doubling down on what's working and phasing out what's not.

Simple Dashboard

See your key stats front and center

The lead dashboard puts your most important sales stats at the top, right above your lead list. No need to dig through reports.

Use powerful filters to drill down and segment your leads by lead source, agent, last touch, etc.

Reporting dashboard

Activity Stream

Get a real-time view of agents in the field

View every call, email and update as it happens.

No more wondering who's doing what. No more pestering agents for updates. See real sales activities, as they are happening, without making your agents jump through any extra hoops. What are you waiting for?

Realtime Activity Stream
“Regarding the reporting, it's a perfect balance – it provides exactly what we need, without being overly complicated.” Jeremy Boardman, Broker - Urbane Results

Closed Business Report

Explore return on investment performance

Ever wonder how much business each of your agents has closed so far this year? Or how well your lead sources converted last year? Or how the profitability of your advertising has changed over time?

Answer those questions and more with the closed business report.

Closed Business Report

Agent Performance

Track agent activities and results

Go beyond close rates, to understand why some agents are more successful than others.

See metrics like how fast each agent (user) is responding to new leads, how persistent they are in following up, sales cycle and more for every user on the account.

Closed Business Report

Marketing Performance

Make wise decisions about marketing

Do you need clarity on what marketing channels are most cost effective, which leads convert best and how long it takes to close leads from each source?

Keep tabs on how your marketing is performing by seeing where your leads are coming from, how much you're spending on each channel and which ones provide the best return on investment.

Closed Business Report

Company Trends

Track growth and compare metrics

LeadSimple's Company Trends reports help you track the growth of your business compared to past years.

You can also compare metrics in your company (e.g. responsivness, conversion rate, sales cycle) against other LeadSimple clients, giving you insight into where you excel or need to improve.

Closed Business Report

Pipeline Health

Know what's in the pipeline

Keep tabs on your open opportunities with LeadSimple's Pipeline Health reports.

With these reports, you can see how many leads are in each sales stage and how long they've been there, allowing you to spot bottlenecks and at-risk deals.

Closed Business Report

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