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Manual data entry is usually too little, too late. Notes are either incomplete, or they're entered long after things happened, making it impossible track sales activities with any useful accuracy.

The solution is automatic, passive tracking. LeadSimple records all calls and emails in real time, saving your agents time and giving you a complete history of the conversation.

How It Works

Call and email through LeadSimple

LeadSimple generates a tracked email and phone number for each lead.

Calls and emails are routed through LeadSimple, then to the prospect. They see your phone number and email address as usual.

Tracking calls and emails is that simple.

Track Calls

Call Tracking

“LeadSimple tracks every communication with a prospective client and we feel confident paying out bonuses based on this information.” Jeremy Boardman, Broker - Urbane Results

Email Tracking

See when prospects read your emails

In addition to email transcripts, you can actually track when prospects are opening the emails you've sent them.

Know which prospects are engaged, and time your followup efforts for just the right moment.

Track when emails are opened

Everything Else

Of course, you can still take notes

There are still plenty of circumstances where you might want to take notes, and LeadSimple makes this easy.

Notes appear in the conversation history, right alongside your automatically tracked calls and emails. Changing a status, recording a meeting, and adding a label are all just a click away.

Take Notes

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