Engineering @ LeadSimple

Mid / Senior Positions Open

January 22, 2021

Working at LeadSimple

Are you looking for fully remote, fast paced, fun, and meaningful work?

LeadSimple is a fully remote company working in the property management space. We help entrepreneurs harness new technology to streamline their businesses. We believe in taming small business chaos. We don’t just provide a software product, we aggressively work to “own the outcome” and make our clients successful.

Role Description

Engineering works closely with our Product and Success teams to discover and deliver features that will make a real difference in a product our customers use every day.

Tech Stack

In 2019 we re-built our tech stack in a phased rewrite (rather than a big-bang project) to adopt React, Typescript, and Relay on the front-end, talking to a GraphQL API powered by Ruby on Rails. We have experience refactoring a large codebase, so we seek to move fast without creating technical debt (test coverage is important). We practice continuous deployment, dividing work into weekly sprints.


We're a fully remote team working across 6 time zones, and we make heavy use of Slack and Zoom for communication throughout the day. We value work/life balance and work at a sane pace, 40 hour weeks, Monday - Friday. Our engineering team currently maintains 2-3 hours of overlap with US Pacific Time, to facilitate collaboration.

We prioritize customer impact across the organization. Our Success and Product teams work closely with end users on a daily basis, using their feedback to refine our roadmap and assist Engineering in creating an exceptional product.

We're looking for motivated and productive team members to help accelerate progress on our roadmap. We're open to mid or senior roles at this time.

Software Engineer

You have a solid understanding of core engineering concepts, are able to master our tech stack, tools and processes, and become a productive contributor to new feature development.

Required Skills:

• Experience with Ruby on Rails and 1 or more of our other core technologies: React, Typescript, RelayJS, GraphQL

• Taking well-scoped components to completion within a reasonable time frame

• Great communicator, asks questions, explains themselves, open to feedback

• Proficient learner and problem solver

• Cares for the end-user (see The Product Minded Engineer)

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Senior Software Engineer

You are a rock-solid engineer with mastery of at least one domain. You can own technical design for projects of moderate complexity, understand trade-offs, debug systems in your domain, and write high quality code while getting a lot done. You're collaborative and an active contributor to product discovery conversations.

Required Skills:

• Experience with 3 or more of our core technologies: React, Typescript, RelayJS, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails

• Experience translating complex user stories into detailed requirements

• Highly productive, moves fast without breaking things.

• Great collaborator, takes initiative, asks questions, explains themselves, open to feedback

• Proficient learner and problem solver

• Cares for the end-user (see The Product Minded Engineer)

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Both positions offer the following benefits:

• Early Off Fridays (every other Friday afternoon off)

• 3 Weeks Paid Vacation (in addition to the above, but includes local bank holidays)

• Healthcare Allowance

• Vacation Allowance

Selected candidates will be invited to a 30-minute call, followed by a 90-minute structured interview to discuss your career and some technical questions related to your role.

If you enjoy owning the outcome for customers, influencing product, and honing your craft, we'd love to talk to you.

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How to Apply

If you believe you fit the description above and this type of career and working environment would be suited to you, contact us for more information on the application process and how to initiate it. We're looking forward to hearing from you!