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2018 Q2 Product Update

Our team listens to your feedback and have been "oiling the LeadSimple machine" based on customer requests and input. Check out these bug fixes, interface enhancements, and new convenience features.

This time around, we're not releasing any big, shiny new features. Instead, we've been "oiling the machine" by fixing bugs, adding small features based on customer feedback and updating the user interface to create a more consistent look and feel across the software. Some exciting changes are coming down the pipeline and the past few months have been in preparation for that. Let's dive into some of the specifics.

Features and Improvements

Customize the greeting for inbound phone calls:

For those who have activated text messaging and inbound call tracking, you can now record custom greetings, voicemail messages and waiting sounds for you inbound phone numbers. This will allow you to play your own messages for leads and current clients who call in. Instructions here.

Manually send SMS templates:

Yes, this is finally here! Also for those who've activated the text messaging and inbound call tracking addon, you can now send text message templates *manually*. This works exactly the same as it does with email templates. Simply click "Send SMS" on a lead's page, click "+ SMS Template" and select a template. Click "Send" and you're done!

Send a test version of email templates:

If you're writing a new email template but want to test it before it's sent to leads, you can now send a test version to yourself. This allows you to see the template in action first. Instructions here.

Set specific stage for manually created leads:

It used to be that when you created a lead manually in LeadSimple, it would automatically be dumped into the "New" stage (i.e. the first stage in the "Lead Stages" category). Not any more. Now you can select the specific stage you want the lead to start in. That way, if you received a referral from a client and had a conversation with that referral lead *before* you entered them into LeadSimple, you could mark them as "Made Contact" when creating them in LeadSimple.

Updated UI for Calendar Sync:

We updated the UI on the Calendar Sync page for Tasks to make it consistent with the new design we've been gradually rolling out for new and existing features. If you aren't using this feature yet, get more details here. It allows you to sync your LeadSimple tasks to the calendar app of your choice (Google, Outlook or Apple) to keep all of your tasks and appointments in one place.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have come up over the past few months and we've been hard at work squashing them. Whether you noticed them or not, rest assured that they're fixed now and won't be bothering anyone any more.

Activity Report returning accurate values:

The Agent Performance > Activity report (only available on "Compete" and "Dominate" plans) was displaying "NaN" for activities types that a user had not done during the selected timeframe. In other words, if Sally did not send any emails in the last 90 days, instead of showing "0 emails" the report would show a full bar with with "NaN" (code for "not a number). The report now displays zero in cases like this as you would expect.

Responsiveness for stages and workflows:

The stages and workflows page was updated late last year but users were encountering issues with the page on smaller screens. Specifically, stage names and workflows weren't collapsing or shrinking sufficiently on small screens, making it difficult to read and edit them. This is now fixed for the most part.

Email template editor issues:

Many of you were experiencing problems with the new email template editor. While the bugs are caused by the the *external* library LeadSimple uses for the editor, we did our best to patch the problem by enlarging the editor to reduce the need to scroll when editing or reading a template. This seems to have mostly fixed the issue.


LeadSimple Facebook Group:

We just created a Facebook group for LeadSimple users to discuss and post about all things property management, from sales to marketing to operations. Feel free to ask questions, post helpful resources, share your LeadSimple sales workflows and templates, etc... To join the group, click here. Speaking about sharing workflows, this group is a great resource for people who want to follow sales best practices but don't know where to start. Join the group and ask if anyone has recommendations for sales workflows and you should get a good response.

Getting Started Guide:

We released an eight-video, getting started guide in the first week of June. This provides a full overview of LeadSimple, everything from setting up your profile settings to following up t building sales workflows. This is a great resource to use to educate and onboard new employees onto LeadSimple. Or, if you feel like you're not using the software to it's full potential, this will provide you with a crash course on each aspect of the software to give you clarity on the features you aren't taking advantage of and how to start using them today. You can access the guide on [our training site](http://training.leadsimple.com/getting-started-guide).

Other things to note

Text Messaging and Marketing Automation:

LeadSimple has a couple powerful addons you can use to further enhance and improve your sales and marketing. If you aren't using either of these addons yet, check them out below:

Those are the main highlights for this quarter. We'll be back with another update next quarter so keep your eyes peeled.


Matt Berkompas

Matt is the lead UX/UI designer for LeadSimple and the lead marketing person. When he's not working, he enjoys road cycling, family time, good books and spending time in the outdoors ūüĆ≤

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