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It doesn't matter how many leads are coming in from your website, Google Adwords, or Facebook; if you don't have a process for dealing with those leads, you aren't going to grow your business. That's just the way it is.

LeadSimple gets you started with a professionally made sales process for your Owner prospects, complete with email nurturing campaigns for cold leads and detailed follow up plans with call and email steps for more interested ones. This content is included in your account when you sign up so you can get up and running faster.

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If you have questions about the LeadSimple software, as an existing customer or someone researching it, check out our in-depth training documentation. It includes explanations of all the ins and outs of LeadSimple. If you have questions about how to set up and use features, this is a great place to go to get immediate answers to those questions.

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The Smart Property Manager's

Sales Course


5 Simple Ways to Convert More Leads to Clients

A sales process is only as good as the sales person who implements it. LeadSimple's sales course, 5 Simple Ways to Convert More Leads to Clients, will teach you how to design a sales process that is a well-oiled, lead conversion machine.
This free course covers everything from improving follow up to managing a sales team to harnessing the power of automation.

Profitable Property Management Podcast

Growing a business is an ongoing process that brings unique challenges along the way. Dealing with those challenges well is essential to being successful. On the Profitable Property Management podcast, Jordan Muela interviews industry experts and world class entrepreneurs who've hit those challenges head on and come out on the upside. Whether you manage 100 units or 1,000, Jordan and his guests will help you see the big picture and give you the tools and tactics to help you achieve your goals.

PM Grow Summit Conference

Join the PM Grow Summit if you are ready to grow your business, contribute to the improvement of the industry, and share ideas with other forward-looking professionals.

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RentScale - Hire, Train and Lead your next BDM

You’ve optimized your customer service, built systems for accounting and even documented all maintenance procedures – so why are you still winging it in the sales department? RentScale will build your sales playbook and process, help you hire and onboard your next BDM, and give your BDM access to the ultimate sales mastermind, ScaleClub.

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Profit Coach - Take the Guesswork out of Growth

Take the guesswork out of growth. ProfitCoach provides property managers with a degree of clarity and effectiveness by helping them identify the key profit drivers in their business.

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Fourandhalf - Proven Growth Strategies that Work

Consult with Fourandhalf for best-in-class lead generation and email marketing services. The team will help you set up your LeadSimple account to maximize every lead that comes in the door.

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Property Management Mastermind - Business Development Toolkit

Get a tried-and-true sales process out of the gate with the Business Development Toolkit. This is a compilation of email follow up campaigns, marketing materials, and more that integrates with LeadSimple from the sales team at RentWerx.

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