Creating consistency with lease renewals and owner onboarding

"I would encourage people to get all their processes documented in LeadSimple. We now have confidence that our team is always doing business the way we want it to be done. We're not just wishing and hoping!"

~ Taylor Haas, Business Development Manager

A bit about Colorado Realty

Colorado Realty and Property Management is a family owned and operated property management company. At the time of this recording, they managed 600 single family homes in the Denver area. Now, after using LeadSimple for 2 1/2 years, they manage over 1000 doors and have gone from managing 250 doors per property manager to 450! 

Taylor is the business development manager for the company and is part of the management team. They run a departmental business so keeping track of the work that's being done is critical, but difficult.

"Our main goal was to make sure our processes are always done "the company way", regardless of who is doing it."

The Problem

The company formerly used Process Street for process management but found that it was tedious and difficult to set up. Not only that, but it was another separate system for their team to learn and utilize, and if their team didn't use it that defeated the whole purpose.

They wanted all of their processes to be in one, consolidated place and in a system that was easy for their team to learn and use on a day-to-day basis.

The Solution

Colorado Realty had used LeadSimple for years to manage the sales and growth side of their business.

"We already use LeadSimple, we know how to use it and it doesn’t add another system. We know the team and they are very easy to work with."

~ Taylor Haas

What set LeadSimple apart for them?

A number of things attracted Taylor and their team to LeadSimple, but there were a few that especially stood out.

  • " required us to hand-input all the customer and property information correctly; LeadSimple automatically syncs that info so it save us tons of time on data entry."
  • "LeadSimple automates communication so team members don’t have to manually write emails and schedule them to send out. This is really helpful when a team member is out of the office."
  • "Our most busy month has 170 lease renewals and LeadSimple makes it simple to start all of these processes at once. This eliminates a lot of data entry."
  • "Conditional logic and custom fields tell the team exactly what tasks they need to do depending on the data we collect. That way the process reflects exactly what is supposed to happen at each point."
  • "For more tedious tasks we use task instructions to show team members how to do tasks without having to ask someone else. This is great for new team members and when someone is out of the office."
  • "Even with automatic emails, we can embed personal-feeling videos to keep a personal touch in our communications."
"We LOVE that the whole team is working in the same system. We’re able to look in to see what our team is doing--are they struggling, are they getting their tasks done or do they not have enough to do."

How did consulting with LeadSimple go?

They first spent time getting their lease renewal process the way they wanted it to be in LeadSimple. Then they brought that to LeadSimple to begin the implementation and it took about 4 weeks to take that process and plug it into the LeadSimple system.

We met on an almost weekly basis with Colorado Realty for 12 weeks, working with them to define & implement their Owner Onboarding, Lease Renewal, & Workorder processes. Having these weekly meetings was critical to ensure we stayed on track, questions were answered, & ultimately the team was trained to implement the other processes they wanted to add.

"We like how it's living and breathing and you can always go back in there and make changes to the process."

The Outcome

"We wanted to go all out on this so that our processes can be consolidated and our team will use it..."
  • "We now don’t have to waste as many brain calories writing sticky notes, entering data and writing emails."
  • "All our customer information is already in here from Appfolio."
  • "The staff knows what they need to do even when someone is out of the office."
  • "As managers we're able to look in and make sure that our team is succeeding."
"It makes our lives easier, we don’t have to remember as much and it still gives our customers that personalized touch that we want."

Let's let Taylor close out this summary.

"As a company, our goal is to continue to grow but continue providing high-touch experiences along the way. Our goal is to get all of our processes into LeadSimple... We're always finding new ways that it's beneficial for our team. It's really helpful that it's in one place because all of the departments overlap. And I love the fact that there is automation because it makes our lives easier, and it preserves that personalized touch that we want to focus on... It's easy to use and easy to train our team. And it's satisfied a need that this industry has. We used to have several different systems... having one place for our team to use and go to check in on things is very helpful."

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