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"LeadSimple is the best tool for property acquisition."
- Andy Moore, Gulf Coast Property Management
"LeadSimple’s tracking and lead nurturing functionality keeps reminding leads of who we are as a company so they’ll remember us when it’s time for them to make a decision."
- Mike Catalano, Real Estate Connections

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If you're a current LeadSimple user and are adding a new user to the team, this is the best way to get them up and running.

Watch the Demos above. These videos will give them an overview of what the software does and is the perfect place to start.

Walk through the training guide. The video training guide explains all the ins and outs of LeadSimple. It will help users set up their account and learn how to use each feature. Access the training guide here.

Reach out if they have questions. If the new team member has questions that aren't answered in the videos or articles, have them reach out to us via chat or email.

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