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"...The one thing that tipped the scales was how open LeadSimple is to customizing the software for us. They're always open to our feedback... We had a hard time getting answers to basic questions from the other softwares we tried."

~ Alexandra Mihailescu, Operations Manager at HomeVault

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These clients worked with our process professionals to bring consistency, visibility, and automation to their businesses, and we're ready to help YOU do the same.

Onboarding & Process Coaching

These clients worked with our process professionals to bring consistency, visibility, and automation to their businesses, and we're ready to help YOU do the same.

Live Classes
Attend live classes with a LeadSimple expert, from initial software training through process specific coaching classes. Stay accountable and work on homework assignments between classes.

Templates & Worksheets
Get access to our fully customizable property management specific templates to get you started. Our process worksheets walk you through how to think through a process so you can build processes like a pro.

Accountability & Resources
Stay accountable and work on homework assignments between classes to become a process expert. Take advantage of our full library of help articles, video courses, and tutorials.

What else customers are saying


"The last thing I wanted to tell my team is that we were going to be switching systems again... when we started with LeadSimple they immediately said, 'we love it!'"

Jason Wolf
Broker/Owner, Utah Property Solutions

"LeadSimple is one of our most valuable sales tools. We're able to document all of the info for the prospective client and it gives us a lot of tools to follow up with the lead over the short term and long term."

Reece Register
BDM, Rent It Network


"I would define LeadSimple as an absolute necessity for a property management company that wants to standardize what they’re doing and create a better experience. I can’t imagine doing this without it.”

Katie Linkous
Freedom Investment Group

"You're going to lose business if you don't use LeadSimple."

Aaron Marshall
Keyrenter Property Management

"I sleep better. The peace of mind knowing that we’re providing a great service to owners and tenants by having LeadSimple has just made life a lot easier. I sleep better knowing that we have something tracking what we’re doing and what we should be doing to provide that great level of service.”

Chris Goodman
Brewer & Stratton Property Management

"It's been one of the best decisions I'd say we've made: having you guys help out. Having LeadSimple has been great.”

Stephen Selinger
Clear View Property Management

"Massive gratitude to the entire Lead Simple team! The transformation taking place in the company has been amazing. They have an excellent team but didn't have the right tools. Seeing an awesome team work with the right tools, and supported by another awesome team, has been a pleasure. This is one of the greatest transition successes I've seen in our industry. It's playing out everywhere in their organization. From the team having individual accountability and taking pride in their accomplishments to a significant increase in the bottom line. Everything seems to be getting more efficient. Absolutely awesome."

PM company owner

"You have been working with my team for the last several months. All of the work you and the team have been doing is making a HUGE impact on Jacob Grant. Clearer expectations for each role. Less stress (during the stressful season). A simple way to manage team member performance. A better experience for both owners and tenants because less balls are being dropped.This work has made such a difference. All of that being said, the sweet yeti cup with our logo on my desk was a cherry on top. Thank you for all the work you have put in to help us get here!"

Jake Durtschi
Broker/Owner, Jacob Grant Property Management

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