Raising the bar for sales in the property management industry

LeadSimple was born out of our frustration in seeing property managers waste good leads and miss prime marketing opportunities.

Since 2008 we've generated tens of thousands of leads for property management companies across the nation. We've been in the trenches with our clients and know first hand about the challenges of being a small business and wearing a lot of different hats.

LeadSimple brings structure, accountability and automation to the selling process so that you can connect to leads faster and close more deals. We're committed to helping companies that want to sell better and providing them with a simple product, outstanding customer service and world class free resources on how to grow their businesses faster.

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Meet the Team

Jordan - CEO, Founder

Chris - CTO, Founder

Matt - Lead UX/UI Designer

Daniel - Lead Software Engineer, Founder

Zach - Senior Software Engineer

Aimee - Customer Success Manager

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