Sales & Workflow Automation for Property Managers

Sales CRM and Workflow Automation software designed to help property managers simplify sales, streamline operations, and scale their business.

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CRM and Process Management Combined

LeadSimple combines it's powerful Sales CRM Automation with full-featured Process Management tools to help property managers be more efficient, provide a better customer experience and scale their businesses.

Simplify Growth


The Sales CRM enables you to track Owner, Tenant, Buyer, and Seller prospects, to name a few.

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"LeadSimple is the best CRM out there that we’ve found in the property management space. If you’re looking to grow your business LeadSimple is a great tool to do that."
- Duke Dodson, Dodson Property Management

Follow up Immediately

Get notified about every new lead and press a button to call them within the first 60 seconds. Beat your competition every time.

Track leads & Communications

Automatically import your leads from any online marketing channel, route them to agents, and track all your calls, emails and text messages in one place.

Automate Sales Processes

Document and automate your entire sales process from first contact to when the contract is signed. Automatic task reminders, auto-responders, drip campaigns and more.

Forecast, Measure & Hit Targets

Measure response time, marketing performance and track agent activity to make decisions based off real data, track progress and hit your growth targets.

Streamline Operations


Workflow Automation enables you to streamline everything from Owner Onboarding, Move-ins, Move-Outs, Evictions, Collections and more.

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"You know I don’t candy coat things, but LeadSimple looks so much simpler and more powerful than Process Street"
- Paul Kankowski, House Match

Enable Scaleable Growth

Document, automate and utilize your processes in one system so you and your team can be efficient and spend your time on the highest-value work.

Save Time. Automate More.

Don't settle for a simple checklist platform. Automate essential tasks like emails, text messages, document generation, process triggers, and more to save time.

Prevent Mistakes

Know where every process is at and which ones are falling behind so you can provide a great customer experience to every Owner and Tenant.

Less Data Entry

Tired of entering data? Automatically sync your Owner, Tenant, Vendor and Property Data so everything you need for each process right in front of you.

Built for Property Management

You can find plenty of process management systems and even more CRM options out there, but nowhere can you find a CRM+Process Management system combined that is also built for property managers.

Sales & Process Templates

We provide PM specific templates for managing prospective owners and tenants, and offer a collection of pre-built templates for the most common property management processes.

PM Software Integration

LeadSimple goes a step further to integrate with your property management software so your data is centralized and accessible where you need it.

Knowledgable Staff & Support

Every piece of the software is built using in-depth research about property management use cases. Our staff know what you do and how you work to provide the answers you need.

Consulting & Resources


Sales Consulting

Work with expert consultants to build your sales playbook, hire and onboard your next BDM and give you access to the ultimate sales mastermind - ScaleClub.

Profit Consulting

Take the guesswork out of growth. ProfitCoach provides property managers with a degree of clarity and effectiveness by helping them identify the key profit drivers in their business.

Profitable PM Podcast

Every week, Jordan Muela interviews world class entrepreneurs and industry experts who share actionable insights about how to build a more profitable property management business.

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