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Property management specific, full-featured CRM to track all of your prospects, from Owners and Tenants, Buyers and Sellers, and Vendors and Referral Partners.

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The #1 CRM for Property Managers

Track all your prospects. Streamline your sales process. Increase your conversion rate.


Built for Property Managers
Integrate your lead sources, get back to leads quickly, and increase your conversion rate.

Automate Your Sales and
Lead Nurturing Processes
Automate emails and texts, track communications automatically, and stay on top of leads.

Pre-Made Templates

Free, customizable templates and campaigns for owner leads, tenant prospects, and potential referrers.

"It’s much more efficient. Before we were maybe bringing in two doors a month; now we’re bringing in maybe two a week. That has been the LeadSimple system. It’s been that total package of communication, organization, and automation.”

Elliot Greenberg, Rental Guys Property Management
"160 units in 7 months; I’m very proud of those numbers because I’ve worked very hard for those closes. And I wouldn’t have done it without LeadSimple; you guys are a huge part of why that happened because of the systems and processes in place.”

Angela McKee, Innovative Property Solutions

Never Lose Another Lead

Powerful & customizable to help you grow and scale.

Beat Your Competition

Get notified about every new lead and press a button to call them within the first 60 seconds.

Automate Communications

Document and automate your sales process. Use automatic task reminders, auto-responders, drip campaigns and more.

Save Time with Automatic Tracking

Import your leads from any online marketing channel, route them to agents, and track all your activity in one place automatically.

Don't Lose the
Human Touch

Track all the details and communication with a lead in their record so you can pick up the conversation where you left off.

Nurture Cold and
Lost Leads

Nurture your cold and lost leads with automatic drip campaigns. Increase your conversion rate.

Forecast, Measure,
and Hit Targets

Measure response time, marketing performance and track agent activity to make decisions based on real data.

Templates & Workflows

Utilize our fully customizable, property management specific templates
for owner, tenant, and referrer prospects.


Lead Stages

Fifty plus pre-built lead stages and workflows designed to help you nurture, convert, and track your owner, tenant, and referrer leads.


Email & Text Templates

Over eighty email and text templates to send manually or automatically throughout your owner, tenant, and referrer workflows.


Workflow tasks

Over three hundred workflow tasks, already built into the templates so you will always do exactly the right thing at the right time.

Use Cases

Nurture, track, and convert every type of prospect in LeadSimple's CRM.








Respond to new leads immediately, follow a standardized sales process, automate emails and texts, long term drip campaigns and the list goes on.

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If you want to respond to every new tenant inquiry, follow up consistently, nurture cold or lost tenants, LeadSimple fits the bill.

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Beat competition by calling new buyers instantly, make follow up easy and consistent with predefined workflows, automate emails and texts, long term nurturing campaigns and much more.


Similar to tracking buyer leads, you can respond instantly to Seller prospects, ensure you keep constant contact with them, and nurture them over the long term if necessary.

Referral Partners

Track, market to and create referral partners to send you business, whether they are real estate agents, existing owner clients, or tenants.

And Much More!

It's fully customizable, so build pipelines and workflows for any relationship you want to nurture: recruiting candidates, association board members, etc.


Automatically Import Your Leads

Import leads from all your marketing channels automatically. Just point sources to a unique email address.

Notify & Route Leads To Agents

Notify agents immediately for every new lead and have the first available person call them back instantly.

Communication Tracking

Automatically track and record all your calls, emails and text messages with leads and clients.

Track Email Opens & Clicks

Know which prospects are engaging with your content and which ones aren't.

Track Lead Status

Define your sales process with stages to track the status of every lead, whether they're cold, warm or an existing customer.

Automate Sales Process

Add a workflow to each sales stage to help you and your team follow a standardized process for every lead.

Email Drip Campaigns

Use Workflows and Email or SMS templates to create automated drip campaigns for cold prospects, existing clients or referral partners.

Follow Up Reminders

Your team gets reminded to follow up on each lead based on the stage the lead is in. That way, they never forget to call, email or text.

Team Collaboration

Invite all your team members, customize permissions, assign leads and tasks and collaborate on your work.

Track Your Agents

Keep track of the leads, tasks, conversion rate (and more) of your agents. Listen to phone calls, provide coaching and keep them on track.

Track Your Marketing

Keep tabs on where your leads are coming from, which sources produce best and where you should be putting your marketing money.

Forecast & Track Goals

Set growth goals, track lead volume and conversion rate, and measure if you'll hit your goals on time or if course correction is needed.

And this is only the beginning.

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