Why LeadSimple?

LeadSimple combines your CRM, communications and processes into one easy-to-use system for property managers; something no other software does.

How to Choose a Plan

Learn who each plan is designed for and which one is best for you.

First, what is LeadSimple?

LeadSimple is a platform that combines a full-featured CRM with a process management module that integrates with your property management software.

Growth Management (CRM)
LeadSimple started as a CRM for property managers. It's full-featured with lead import, call/email/text tracking, campaigns, reporting and more. Perfect for managing leads and existing customers.

Operations Management
It includes a separate process management module with all the bells and whistles of process management software like conditional logic, teams, task instructions, and much more.

PM Software Integration
LeadSimple integrates with your property management software to pull in customer, vendor and property data to use in your processes. Less data entry and more time saved.

What makes it PM specific?

People like to say their software is property management specific. Here's why LeadSimple actually is.

Library of Pre-Built Templates
We offer a library of processes and templates that are built for property managers and ready to plug into your account, all for free. And they're fully customizable.

PM Software Integration
LeadSimple integrates with your property management software. Something no generic CRM or process management software would ever do.

Staff with Industry Knowledge
We invest in understanding property management use cases exclusively. Our whole team knows property management well and we apply that to our software and support.

Why is it better than other CRMs?

LeadSimple is a better CRM option for property managers because it's built for what you do, not what every company does.

Built for Property Managers
It includes the features you need without the extras. This means it's more straightforward, easier for you to set up and easier to use.

Integrates with your Sources
LeadSimple integrates with your website and all your lead providers. The integrations are limitless, simple to set up and reliable.

Provides Pre-made Templates
You get free, customizable process templates and campaigns for owner leads and tenant prospects right when you sign up.

Addon Features

Enhance LeadSimple with two powerful addons. These optional features can be activated on any plan.

Texting and Inbound Calling

$20 / month

Track inbound phone calls and send text messages manually and automatically.

3 numbers included ($4 / addl.)
5¢ per inbound call minute
2.5¢ per text message
Learn More

Forms and Site Tracking

$49 / month

Capture leads from your website with pop-up forms, nurture them with automated drip campaigns and automatically engage in a sales conversation when the time is right.

Pop-up forms
Site Tracking
Engagement Triggers
Learn More

Property managers love it!

"Massive gratitude to the entire Lead Simple team! The transformation taking place in the company has been amazing. They have an excellent team but didn't have the right tools. Seeing an awesome team work with the right tools, and supported by another awesome team, has been a pleasure. This is one of the greatest transition successes I've seen in our industry. It's playing out everywhere in their organization. From the team having individual accountability and taking pride in their accomplishments to a significant increase in the bottom line. Everything seems to be getting more efficient. Absolutely awesome."

PM company owner

"You have been working with my team for the last several months. All of the work you and the team have been doing is making a HUGE impact on Jacob Grant. Clearer expectations for each role. Less stress (during the stressful season). A simple way to manage team member performance. A better experience for both owners and tenants because less balls are being dropped.This work has made such a difference. All of that being said, the sweet yeti cup with our logo on my desk was a cherry on top. Thank you for all the work you have put in to help us get here!"

Jake Durtschi
Broker/Owner, Jacob Grant Property Management

Why is it better than checklist softwares?

Checklist softwares like Process Street and Asana have their place, but they don't solve the whole problem for property managers.

Integrates Customer Data
Checklist and process management softwares don't track your customer data. LeadSimple does, taking away tons of data entry and busy work.

Tracks Communications
A lot of your job is simply communication. LeadSimple tracks calls, emails, and texts, builds them into your process and automates them.

Combines Systems
You get your CRM and operations management systems combined, making it more affordable and easier to train your team.

How does it compare to "do-everything" platforms?

Platforms like Hubspot or Podio can do almost anything, but they're very complicated, time consuming and expensive to set up.

Easier to Set Up
LeadSimple is built for you out of the box. Less customization is required, you don't need a consultant to make tiny changes, and it's easier to train your team.

Time Efficient
Since it's built with property managers in mind, you can go live with some of your processes in 1-6 months instead of 12-18 months.

More Affordable
Because of our focus on the user experience, we can provide the software and set up packages for a far more affordable price.

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