Better communications, better customer care.

Care better for your customers by managing all your conversations and tickets in one place so you can close tickets faster, increase customer satisfaction, and lower your churn rate.

Never Forget Another Email

Collaborate as a team. Respond quickly to clients. Consolidate communications.

Avoid Sending
Duplicate Emails

How often do you reply to the same email your teammate has already responded to?
Work together in shared inboxes so you always know who's working on what.

Never Struggle to
Find an Email Again

Have you ever overlooked, lost, or struggled to find an email thread with a client? 
See and manage all your communication with clients in one place.

Don't Worry About Forgotten Emails

What happens when you don't have access to a teammate's inbox while they were out of the office?
Instead, track everything in one place you always have the context and information you need.

Inbox has become by far the most powerful tool we have; a true game changer! It has taken our ability to execute processes to a whole new level. Putting processes together and increasing automation is a daunting task, and the team at LeadSimple made it easy!

- Jody Stowers, Stowers Real Estate

LeadSimple Inbox

Incredible customer care doesn't have to be a pain anymore.

Personal silos

Team collaboration

Forgotten emails

No email missed

Slow response times

Consistently fast response times

Fragmented systems

Consolidation (ease of doing business)


Delighting clients

Poor customer experience

Incredible experience

Unhappy clients

Raving fans

Deliver a better
team & customer experience


Collaborating as a team to deliver a great customer experience has never been easier!

There’s no longer a need to forward emails to each other, apologize for forgetting to respond, or feel overwhelmed by all the messages you need to respond to.

Work together as a team in one shared inbox to respond quickly and seamlessly hand off conversations.


Consolidate your lead, process, and communication management all in one system. No more double data entry and logging in and out of multiple softwares.

See all past activity with a client, view any currently active processes, and start a new process directly from an inbound call, text, or email.


Make it easy to keep track of every conversation by categorizing your conversations by department, topic, portfolio, process, and more.

Filter your inbox by assignee, status, and tags, and switch between multiple inboxes easily.

Utilize quick reply templates to save time when responding to common questions.


Instead of guessing your team’s response times, time to close, and total inbound message volume, easily generate accurate data every time with Inbox reports.

Delight Clients

With streamlined inbound communication management, your team’s time will be freed up to focus on delighting your clients instead of putting out fires.

Your clients will love your new fast response times, the accurate information they receive, and the peace of mind knowing that you’ve got it handled.

A great customer experience = raving fans!


Consolidated Inbox Module

LeadSimple Inbox lives alongside your CRM and process management systems so context is shared and immediately accessible. Log into one system, not three!

Unlimited Shared Inboxes

Connect as many shared inboxes as your team needs without additional charge. Learn more about shared inbox configurations here.

Multi-channel Inboxes

Inbox shows your email conversations with clients AND your text and phone conversations too, if you use LeadSimple's texting/calling numbers!

Conversation Assignment

Assign conversations to the correct team member. This ensures every conversation has a clear owner responsible to follow up.

Conversation Snoozing

Snooze conversations to automatically reopen at a later date. This is the perfect tool to use when you're waiting on the client to respond to you.

Conversation Closing

When you resolve a conversation, close it to remove it from your inbox until the client replies again or you decide to search for it later.

Internal Notes & @Mentions

Carry on internal team discussions inside any conversation using notes and @mentions, just like you can on leads and processes!

Quick Replies

Write quick replies for responses to common questions, and include videos and more to make following up faster and more efficient.

Collision Detection

See when another teammate is looking at a conversation and see when they write a note or reply in real time so you don't step on each other's toes.

Conversation Tagging

Organize your inbox by team, categorize conversations by topic, and more using conversation tags.

Inbox KPIs & Reporting

Monitor and measure the quality of your customer service by tracking response time, time to close, conversation volume and more.

Inbox Zapier Integration

Auto-assign, tag, or close conversations based on specific criteria, and power hundreds of other automations in and outside LeadSimple's Inbox using Zapier.

Inbox Mobile App Support

Use Inbox on our full-featured iOS mobile app, or log into the mobile friendly browser version of Inbox on Android.

Help Scout Import Tool

Want to switch to Inbox from Help Scout? We have you covered with an automated Help Scout conversation import tool to make the transition easy.

Email Blocklist

Block specific senders so their emails don't show up in your LeadSimple inbox.

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