Done For You Process Improvement & Automation

End to end implementation for companies looking to get more done in less time at a dramatically higher quality of service for their clients.

You want to upgrade your systems but... [INSERT REAL LIFE]

We've all been there. You've got the vision and conviction to level up - what you lack is time, know-how to get it to the finish line.

Picture this. You bring the big picture vision and collaborate with a proven process professional to not just re-imagine but actually build out an upgraded set of process improvements and automations.

Here are the specific outcomes we help property management companies pursue with process improvement and automation:

We combine your CRM, communications and processes into one system.
It's more than a checklist with no context or history.

Reduce Data Entry
Automatically sync with your Property Management software to remove data entry and keep the data you need front and center.

Practical Automation
Get the *right* amount of automation for your business and goals rather than getting lost in unecessary complexity.

Stop chasing your team for updates - centralize comms in a way that reduces your dependence on any one person. Be more resilient.

Success stories in action

Here are some of our raving fans to tell you about their experience, and how we've helped their business stabilize and grow.

Meet the WHO that knows HOW


Account Executive

Jordan "JP"

Training & Quality Assurance Coordinator


Customer Implementation Pilot


Customer Implementation Pilot

LeadSimple has been helping property managers grow since 2013, by bringing structure and automation to the sales process. But getting the contract signed is only the start of the relationship. How you deliver on the expectations you set during the sales process is the difference between making a raving fan for life, and a bad experience posted on Facebook.

Our in-depth knowledge about property management, automation, and tech have allowed us to help hundreds of PMs systematize their businesses over the years. So this isn't our first rodeo.

We've been influential in giving business development a seat at the table, developing the NARPM accounting standards, and equipping property managers to run successful, efficient, and profitable companies.

How it works

#1 Goal Orientation Call

We'll get on a video call with you and help you define what processes you need to improve using a powerful scorecard we've created.

#2 Setting Proposal Scope

From there, we'll take those processes and draft a formal proposal with the total cost, timeline and detailed schedule for the implementation.

#3 Process Implementing

Then the work starts! We'll help you document your processes using our recommended mindset and structure. Then we'll build out your processes in your LeadSimple account.

#4 Weekly Meetings

We'll meet weekly with you and your team to build processes, review them and make improvements. This holds you and us accountable and keeps the project on track.

#5 Team Training

We'll actively train your team on each weekly meeting and throughout the week through support channels. We'll also enroll them in our process training course to get them up to speed with the system.

#6 Process Launch

As we complete processes we'll help you launch them to your team to use in real life. This way we can identify problems and improvements to optimize each process. At the end you'll have fully functioning processes that actually work in the wild.

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