Streamline Operations

Workflow software to document and automate all of your operational processes from Owner Onboarding to Move-Ins, Lease Renewals, Collections, and more.

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Workflow Automation

Systematize your company, transform the day to day, and manage more with less.

Workflows & Processes

Don't settle for a basic checklist. Build powerful, actionable, and well-documented processes that will actually be followed. Fully customizable, easily updated, and scalable as you grow.

Automated Communication

Use templates, relative due dates, and automation to send your communications at just the right time in your processes. See all communication in the process record. Ensure your owners and tenants are well informed and save time to focus on higher value tasks.

Data Integration from Your Property Management Software

Reduce manual data entry by syncing up-to-date data from your property management software. Use this data to start your processes automatically, power your conditional logic, and update your outbound emails and texts automatically.

Big Picture Clarity

Simply log into LeadSimple to see all open and completed tasks, find all the communication about a process in one place, see which processes are on track or overdue, and which stage each process is in.

🎉 Autopilot is Here!

Start processes automatically from your PM data with industry-first Autopilot rules.
Take the first of the month from 🔥 to ☕️.

Use PMSoftware Data

Autopilot rules are powered by your data, integrated and updated directly from your property management software.*

Set Your Criteria

Start delinquencies, move ins, lease renewals and move outs automatically based on specific criteria that you choose. Allow processes to automatically trigger each other.

Sit Back & Relax

No more forgetting to start processes or send late rent reminders!
Automate the start, communication, conditional logic, and other tasks throughout the process.

*Feature availability varies by property management software.

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Save Time,
Save Money

Get your time and peace of mind back.
Become more profitable.


Avoid Expensive

Prevent mistakes that take time and money to fix. Build and use detailed automated workflows to ensure everything happens accurately and on time.

Save Time,
Automate More

Automate communications, handoffs, data entry, conditional paths, and much more!
Manage more doors with less stress and manual labor.

Know What's Happening & When

Get big picture clarity into everything that is happening in your business. Ensure processes are done the same way every time.

Consolidate Your

Consolidate your CRM, Operations, and Shared Inbox together, integrated with your PM Software, for easy transitions and big picture clarity.

Create Raving Fans

Prevent churn and grow faster by providing a great customer experience through consistent, automated processes.

Grow, Scale,
Be More Resilient

Make your company more resilient and ready to grow and scale with well documented processes.

"LeadSimple is the process management software that will enable us to go from 500 units to 5000 units.”

- Chuck Kelley, Eclipse Property Management
"I sleep better. The peace of mind knowing that we’re providing a great service to owners and tenants by having LeadSimple has just made life a lot easier."
- Chris Goodman, Brewer & Stratton Property Management

Workflows & Templates

Get started quickly with our pre-made workflows and templates for
the major processes in property management.


Process Templates

Over fifteen process templates already built out and ready for you to customize and use, with unlimited possibilities to create more processes of your own!


Process Stages

One hundred plus pre-built, fully customizable stages and workflows designed to help you streamline and document your processes.


Email & Text Templates

Over ninety email and text templates, already written and fully customizable, to send manually or automatically throughout your processes.


Workflow Tasks

Over five hundred fully-customizable workflow tasks are already built into the templates so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Property Management Processes

Systematize every part of your business into actionable, repeatable processes.

Owner Prospects

Tenant Prospects

Referrer Prospects

Owner Onboarding

Property Onboarding

Make Readies

Property Marketing

Application Screening


Tenant Onboarding

Rent Collection


Lease Renewals


Work Orders


Lease Violations

Hiring Process

We're Here to Help!

Learn to build processes like a pro and get your team on board with live classes,
process coaching, and support from our knowledgable staff.

Live Classes
Attend live classes with a LeadSimple expert, from initial software training through process specific coaching classes. Stay accountable and work on homework assignments between classes.

Templates & Worksheets
Get access to our fully customizable property management specific templates to get you started. Our process worksheets walk you through how to think through a process so you can build processes like a pro.

Accountability & Resources
Stay accountable and work on homework assignments between classes to become a process expert. Take advantage of our full library of help articles, video courses, and tutorials.


Automate Repeated Tasks

Use LeadSimple's powerful stages and workflows to document your entire process and automate key points.

Build Calls, Emails & Texts Into Workflows

Build calls, emails and text messages directly into your processes instead of creating complex integrations to trigger those activities.

Property Management Software Sync

Integrate with your property management software to keep your Owner, Tenant and Property in sync and avoid all double-data entry.

Conditional Logic

Add conditions to your workflows to only trigger the tasks that are relevant to the specific process you're working on.

Zapier Integration

Integrate with Zapier to generate documents, send mailers, and trigger actions in other software you use.

Flexible Deadlines

Set process deadlines and set task due dates against the deadline to make sure they get done on time.

Dynamic Due Dates

Trigger tasks based off a custom date field like the move-in or lease expiration date to make work happen when it should.

Task Instructions

Include video or written instructions for each step of the process so that your employees can work a process with minimal training.

Stop Steps

Stop a process from continuing until a specific task, or set of tasks, has been completed.

Required Steps

Set some tasks to "required" so that every important task gets completed regardless of what stage the process is in.

Contact Roles

Set contact roles to automatically pull in Owner Tenant or Vendor data when you create a new process.

Custom Fields

Add fields for any data you want to track on your processes that LeadSimple doesn't include by default.

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