Streamline Operations

Use LeadSimple to document, automate and work all of your operational processes including Owner Onboarding, Move-Ins, Move-Outs, Evictions, Collections and more.

What makes LeadSimple better?


There are so many process solutions out there. What makes LeadSimple different?

It combines your CRM, Communications and Processes into one system. No checklist program has done anything like this.

PM Data Sync
It automatically syncs with your Property Management software to remove data entry and keep the data you need front and center.

Automate More
It enables more automation using the tools that are built in, instead of using other systems to build automations yourself.

Built for PMs
It's built for property managers from the ground up. All other systems require significant customization to adapt to property management.

Use Cases

You can automate all of your operational processes in LeadSimple including, of course, the most common property management workflows.

Owner Onboading

Property Onboarding

Lease Renewals

Make Readies

Management Cancels

Lease Violations





Work Orders



Automate repeated tasks

Use LeadSimple's powerful stages and workflows to document your entire process and automate key points.

Call, Email, SMS built in

Build calls, emails and text messages directly into your processes instead of creating complex integrations to trigger those activities.

Property Management Sync

Integrate with your property management software to keep your Owner, Tenant and Property in sync and avoid all double-data entry.

Condtional Logic

Add conditions to your workflows to only trigger the tasks that are relevant to the specific process you're working on.

Zapier Integration

Integrate with Zapier to generate documents, send mailers, and trigger actions in other software you use.

Flexible Deadlines

Set process deadlines and set task due dates against the deadline to make sure they get done on time.

Dynamic Due Dates

Trigger tasks based off a custom date field like the move-in or lease expiration date to make work happen when it should.

Task Instructions

Include video or written instructions for each step of the process so that your employees can work a process with minimal training.

Stop steps

Stop a process from continuing until a specific task or set of tasks has been completed.

Required Steps

Set some tasks to "required" so that every important task gets completed regardless of what stage the process is in.

Contact Roles

Set contact roles to automatically pull in Owner Tenant or Vendor data when you create a new process.

Custom Fields

Add fields for any data you want to track on your processes that LeadSimple doesn't include by default.

And many more awesome tools.

Implementation Consulting

Optionally, we provide full implementation services along with the software including:

Process Review
We'll review the processes you'd like to implement to determine the best way to configure them in your account.

We'll fully implement your processes into your account so they are ready for you and your team to utilize.

Team Training
We'll provide training to you and your team on the software and how to work your processes when they're set up.

Want to learn more?

You've learned some about LeadSimple's Workflow Automation tools. The next step is to schedule a consultation to get a demo, discuss your processes and get a quote.

"You know I don’t candy coat things, but LeadSimple looks so much simpler and more powerful than Process Street."
- Paul Kankowski, House Match

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