Using Sales Automation to Grow Your PM Business

August 9, 2024   @ 12 p.m. PDT   |   2 p.m. CDT   |    3 p.m. EDT

Growing your property management company in 2024? What do you need to do to make that happen?  

Join Peter and Wolf live to see how they:
⚡️ Build out an effective sales process that increases their new door close rate
⚡️ Manage their lead flow to ensure leads don't fall through the cracks
⚡️ Report on lead sources and create accountability around the sales process

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Upcoming Episodes

Peter & Wolf's Favorite PM Automations

Our PM Software 2025 Wishlist

Our PM Software 2025 Wishlist

Practical Advice from Fellow Property Managers

Peter Lohmann and Wolfgang Croskey are seasoned property managers who love to stay at the cutting edge of technology and innovation in the property management industry.

They have partnered with LeadSimple to host Peter and the Wolf, a live monthly show, digging deep into the trenches of property management and offering practical advice, real world automations, and knowledge gleaned from years of experience in the industry.

What People Are Saying

"Excited to see this.  You two are great!

- Mark Cropper

"Thank you for offering these sessions so we can learn from you both."

- Carla Browne
"I absolutely love seeing how you guys are dealing with day-to-day issues, overcoming obstacles, and work with Zapier.  I'm a huge fan of both of you."
- Marko Stepanovic

"Great content as always."

- Hunter Hughey

Who are Peter and Wolf?

Peter Lohmann

Peter Lohmann is the co-founder and CEO of RL Property Management, and a well known thought leader dedicated to improving the excellence of the industry. He hosts the Owner Occupied podcast and writes a popular weekly newsletter for property managers.

Blog  |  Newsletter  |  Facebook  |  X  |  Owner Occupied Podcast

Wolfgang Croskey

Wolfgang Croskey is the founder and CEO of The Perfect Tenant, and a process and automation guru. He and Peter co-founded Crane, a private community for
property managers, and Wolf also co-runs the annual Property Management Systems Conference.

Facebook  |  Crane  |  PM Systems Conference

Catch Up On Past Episodes

Watch episodes from Season #1 of Peter and the Wolf:

Update on AI in Property Management

Wolf shares ways to utilize AI to make strides in your company, what's up with the new Google AI search results, and how to get your property management company ready for AI!

Shared Inbox Strategies for Property Management

Property managers need an intentional, structured strategy to manage the flood of communications they receive from clients and residents. Learn how shared inboxes help do exactly that!

Change Management in Your PM Company

Change management is a difficult but critical process in every property management company.​ Hear Peter and Wolf's advice from years of managing change in their companies!

3 More Zaps in 30 Minutes

Peter and Wolf share multiple Zapier automations involving LeadSimple, Retently,, ChatGPT, Zapier Scheduler, and more!

Property Management in the AI Era

Peter and Wolf reveal 20 ways you can use AI in property management; everything from Zapier's AI assistant, analyzing data from your accounting software, creating graphs and charts in seconds, and much more!

Data Matters

Peter and Wolf dig into data - why you need it, how to get it, and what to do with it, keeping it simple, benchmarking for the PM industry, and pulling data out of LeadSimple.

How Do You Know Who Does What at Your Company?

Learn how Peter and Wolf ensure that every role in the company is clearly defined, tasks can be handed off and delegated easily, and to encourage a culture of keeping the company documentation up to date.

Process as it Relates to People

Peter and Wolf chat about process as it relates to people: people processes, managing your people, developing your people, working with remote team members, and what to do when problems arise.

Return of the Accidental Landlord

Peter and special guest Angee Ferris discuss what holds people back from making important changes in their business, the return of the accidental landlord, and using video messaging in today's climate for leads and clients.

Building a Process Live with Wolf

See Wolfgang demonstrate his process for building out processes as he builds out a tenant appreciation process for a webinar attendee!

Leading a Change Initiative in Your Company

"I tried to implement a new_________ but my team would not go along with it." Sound familiar? Listen in as Peter and Wolf discuss how to lead a change initiative in your company.

30 Days with Autopilot

It's been 30 days since the launch of Autopilot. What have we learned? What have we built? Where are we going next? Blast off into the world of automation with us as we share tips, tricks, and dad jokes galore.

3 Zaps in 30 Minutes

Ready for a lightning-fast webinar that will leave you feeling electrified? Join Peter and Wolf as they perform the ultimate power hour of automation for property managers.

Where You Should Start Automating in 2023

Join process experts Peter Lohmann and Wolfgang Croskey as they discuss where you should start automating your company in 2023.

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