Automate Your Processes
in 12 Minutes

Put your lease renewal, delinquency, move in and move out processes on Autopilot so you can enjoy a stress-free morning at the start of your month.

No complex configurations needed.

Build your first Autopilot rule in 12 minutes or less.

⚡️Auto-start processes*

So simple, grandma can use it. No complex configurations required. Get set up in 12 minutes
or less.

✅ Auto-assign roles & portfolios

As easy as adding property groups manually or syncing automatically from AppFolio.

⏰ Customize
your due dates

Pick your own due dates based on how you know your processes work.
Set up with a few clicks, no tech background needed!

🚀 Default starting stage

Have your processes start in the correct stage, every time.

*Feature availability varies by property management software.

“I went from catching up on tasks on the weekend, to turning my computer off on Friday and I don't have to worry about it until Monday. There's no amount of money that I would pay to be able to have that."
- Angel Getzinger, SCUDO Property Management

✈️ Autopilot FAQ's

How can I get access to Autopilot?

Which processes can I put on Autopilot?

Does my property management software integrate with LeadSimple?

Does it ever feel like you’re fighting fires day-to-day?

How often do you walk into work on the first of every month dreading the workload waiting for you, from lease renewals to delinquencies and moving processes? 

As a professional PM, you have hundreds of minor and major tasks that involve multiple people and properties. Needless to say, you’re a human and you’re bound to miss a step or oversee a detail. 

This is why we built Autopilot. We’ve seen how easy-to-setup workflows can save PMs hours and dollars, and we want that for you.

LeadSimple users saved on average 4 hours and 54 minutes per door, per month (or $75 a door, at $15/hour!) I’d love for you to give it a try. 

Jordan Muela