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1st Choice Property Management has been in business for 30 years and manages 450 doors. After discovering LeadSimple through NARPM, they set themselves apart with speed-to-response times in the industry. This led to five-star reviews and much more!

1st Choice Property Management, with COO Leslie Kazen, has been in business for 30 years and now manages 450 doors, with plans for continued growth. They discovered LeadSimple through NARPM and industry buzz.

Before LeadSimple, the company struggled to respond quickly to potential leads and often found themselves "constantly recreating the wheel" with repetitive tasks, like creating emails from scratch.

After implementing LeadSimple, they have improved their response time for following up with new leads, increasing their chances of securing new clients. As a matter of fact, this speed-of-response became their key differentiator.

In an industry with constant challenges, Leslie notes, “You want to be the first one to call back.”

They've received multiple five-star reviews because owners and tenants are so impressed with their level of customer experience, particularly when they received responses they didn't expect. Leslie says, “The applicants feel the process is SO SEAMLESS!”

Previously, status updates were sent only when there was time, but now they are a given. Property managers now have more time to focus on high-value activities instead of administrative tasks and project management.

“LeadSimple gives you the reminders! Things pop up in the industry - fires that need to be put out - but LeadSimple keeps you on track. It’s consistent. It’s a system.”

When asked to describe Lead Simple in three words, Lizzie chose "Reminders," "Consistency," and "Systematic," highlighting the software's role in keeping their operations on track and efficient.

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