Consistency Guaranteed: How Cornerstone REG Delivers High-Caliber Experiences!

Investing time and energy into the right tools and processes transformed this business. By automating labor-intensive tasks, enhancing training, and protecting institutional knowledge, Cornerstone Real Estate Group has set itself up for sustained success.

Nate Broekhuizen from Cornerstone Real Estate Group shares how their team gained peace of mind by using LeadSimple in their business.

🚀 Why They Moved to LeadSimple

From Manual to Automated: The Shift from Monday. com to LeadSimple

Nate and his team were initially using Monday. com for their operations. However, they faced some challenges:

  • Lack of Integration: Manual changes were required to mark tasks as complete.
  • Labor-Intensive Processes: The Monday software was more of a checklist, lacking automation.

By switching to LeadSimple, they found a solution that:

  • Automates Processes: Tasks are on autopilot
  • Syncs with Buildium: Ensures seamless integration with their existing systems.

🌟 Learning from the Best: Why They Chose LeadSimple

Nate didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. He reached out to top performers in the industry and discovered they were using LeadSimple.

📈 Streamlined Team Expansion - A Seamless Process from Start to Finish

With LeadSimple, Cornerstone REG has transformed their workflow into a seamless process. Here’s how:

  • Automated Steps: From initial contact to lease signing, everything is automated.
  • Increased Capacity: With 21 people in the office at capacity, automation was crucial to manage more properties and increase profitability.

🌍 Successful Onboarding of Remote Team Members

Cornerstone REG recently hired their first remote leasing coordinator. Thanks to LeadSimple:

  • Clear Training and Expectations: The new hire has a transparent view of her tasks and knows exactly what to do.
  • Transparency: The team can easily monitor her progress, ensuring a smooth transition and effective onboarding.

📋 Predictable Results, Consistency, and Enhanced Training

“We want our owners and tenants to have the same experience every time. If we’re using paper or spreadsheets, things get missed. LeadSimple ensures predictable results and a better experience for everyone involve”

📋 Improved Training Processes

Training new employees is a challenge for many property management companies. LeadSimple makes this easier by:

  • Structured Workflows: With clear and concise training manuals, both in-person and remote employees can quickly get up to speed.
  • Continuous Feedback: Implementing processes and gathering team feedback ensures continuous improvement.

🔒 Protecting Institutional Knowledge

A common issue in many businesses is the loss of tribal knowledge when employees leave. LeadSimple addresses this by:

  • Documentation: Processes are well-documented, ensuring continuity.
  • Multiple Users: Multiple team members can be trained on the same workflows, reducing dependency on any single individual.

🤝 Collaboration with LeadSimple

Nate emphasizes the importance of working closely with LeadSimple’s implementation experts, like Angee, to refine their processes. By constantly questioning and seeking out best practices, Cornerstone REG ensures they are always at the forefront of industry standards.

Conclusion: The Power of Automation and Continuous Improvement 💡

Nate’s experience with LeadSimple highlights a powerful lesson: investing time and energy into the right tools and processes can transform your business. By automating labor-intensive tasks, enhancing training, and protecting institutional knowledge, the business has set itself up for sustained growth and success.

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