Delivering a 5 star experience through consistency

"When one of our goals is a 5 star experience for our owners and our residents, consistency of delivery is the method by which you get that. And having tight, succinct processes in place will ensure that consistency."

~ Steve Patton, President/Broker of HCM Property Management

HCM Property Management, located in Orange County California, understands the importance of delivering the 5 star experience to each and every client.

They know that consistency is the key to delivering that 5 star experience.

“When one of our goals is a 5 star experience for our owners and our residents, consistency of delivery is the method by which you get that. And having tight, succinct processes in place will ensure that consistency.”

~ Steve Patton, President/Broker of HCM Property Management

However, they found that they hit a growth plateau at about 300 doors. That is also where they started to see the inevitable chinks in the armor with their paper processes: 

  • More customer issues occurred
  • More mistakes were made
  • Overall satisfaction began to go down
“We wanted to...step back, and make sure we had the right processes in place, the right tools, and that we had the right people in the right seats.”
“If we’re going to grow and be able to deliver that experience, we have to be process driven. It always reminds me of that saying: ‘Success isn’t an accident. Success is a process.’”

~ Steve

Knowing that they needed technology to help streamline their processes, they took a look at and Process Street. Neither of these were compelling solutions for them, specifically due to the timing and expense of implementing them. 

Since they already used LeadSimple on the growth side to manage their lead flow and sales process, they were immediately intrigued when we released our operations management features.

“I think more than anything, it was just the visibility [that attracted us to LeadSimple]. You can see any process that’s going on, whether it’s on track or off track, and then dig in and see where it is held up….Then you can reach out directly to that person and say, “Do you need some help? Is there a problem? Why is this held up?” When people know that they will be followed up with, it’s the purest form of motivation. It provides that sort of visual and clarity to make sure that everyone stays on task and we stay consistent.”

~ Steve

When asked how he knew LeadSimple was providing value, Steve answered:

“My first indication it was actually working was when things were actually getting stuck….Because people were not doing [the tasks we defined] in the system, they probably weren’t doing it outside of the system….We were clearly not doing those touchpoints we defined to ensure that our clients are having a 5 star experience. [LeadSimple] enables us to force that to happen.”

Now, HCM is finding that they can provide that 5 star experience while continuing to grow.

“Now the owner’s getting communicated with [throughout the leasing process] and it just takes them along the whole path. Having that communication with the owner reduces the owner’s anxiety during this stressful process and that’s been a homerun for us.”
“A lot of this stuff [owners] wouldn’t see normally. They would just expect it to happen. If you’re a single person shop or two people, and you all do the same thing together, it’s easy to do. The problem is when you get to a certain scale and you ultimately somewhat departmentalize, the coordination of those efforts is crucial. [LeadSimple] really makes sure that of the 8,000 tasks that have to happen, everything happens when it should and everybody gets communicated with.”
“A lot of the processes that we are putting into place touch multiple people at different times and at different speeds. So, having a system that could coordinate all of these activities to happen at the right time, ensure that we are communicating with the right people at the right time, and getting it done on a tight schedule was the main goal. In doing so, people get a sense of consistency.”

~ Steve

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