Using systems to create an excellent customer experience

"...The one thing that tipped the scales was how open LeadSimple is to customizing the software for us. They're always open to our feedback... We had a hard time getting answers to basic questions from the other softwares we tried."

~ Alexandra Mihailescu, Operations Manager at HomeVault

Who is HomeVault?

HomeVault Property Management emerged in 2020 when Tony and the five other founding members, Shawn and Kristin Johnson, Matthew Tringali, Danny Plueddeman, and Jay Berube realized they shared the same ambitious vision to improve the lives of tenants and landlords across the country. They decided to bring their already successful property management business under the umbrella of the brand HomeVault. They have locations in Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado.

On top of the property management business, they also run BetterWho (previously HomeVault Academy), offering property management business consulting and an excellent library of educational resources.

The Story

As a collection of merged companies, HomeVault needed consolidation of the systems they use to manage the business (specifically Operations). That was the only way they could provide the main thing that would set them apart: an amazing customer experience. It's hard enough to provide a great client experience in one business when your systems and processes are not organized. How much more difficult for a company that spans 5 distinct regions of the U.S!

Trying to fix the problem with inadequate solutions

Before the merge, each company had tried other systems to manage their operations. Process Street, Podio, internal processes in PropertyWare, and others. However, they either ran into limitations within the system (Process Street, PropertyWare), or heavy customization costs (Podio). It's a tough balance finding a system for operational management that is both simple to use, has the core features you need, and at a reasonable price point and time to implement (not to mention the time and skills needed to actually get the system set up to a usable state).

How they landed on LeadSimple

All of these companies had utilized LeadSimple to manage their sales, lead input, marketing/drip campaigns, and growth processes already. When we launched the new Operations & Processes platform, it was a logical switch to utilize the system for the operational side of the business.

As you'll see in the video demo above, there are a whole host of features that make LeadSimple the ideal choice for HomeVault (and all property management companies) to manage their operations, processes and tasks. However, features were not the only thing that tipped the scales at the end of the day.

From their operations manager, Alexandra Mihailescu:

"We tried Process Street, and with Podio as well... the one thing that tipped the scales was how open LeadSimple is to customizing the software for us. They're open to our feedback and our ideas. They really want to present a software that helps your business. We had a hard time getting answers to feedback and basic questions from the other softwares we tried."

Are you ready to organize, streamline & automate your business?

We know first hand how difficult it is to implement clear, useful systems and organization into a business, and how crucial it is to your success as a company!

That is why we are here to help organize, streamline, & automate your business with you via our expert process consulting services.

  1. We'll help you define your goals based on where your business is at
  2. We'll come up with a structured implementation plan
  3. We'll work with you to implement those processes in LeadSimple
  4. We'll train your team & do our part to gain their adoption of the system
  5. You'll be able to provide consistent, scaleable services that create a "wow" experience for your clients!

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