Getting the whole team on the same page

“My team might be annoyed with me because in every meeting I’m like, ‘LeadSimple, LeadSimple, LeadSimple.’ I think I maybe love you a bit too much if that’s possible, but I think it’s been very good for our company.” ~ Trista Nicholes, COO of Keyrenter South Florida

Keyrenter South Florida currently manages 575+ homes in the Palm Beach Florida area and that number is rapidly growing. 

Managing properties involves keeping track of a lot of details, so founder Danny Schwab and COO Trista Nicholes knew that they needed to find a tool to help support the team and keep track of everything as they grew.

“When Danny and I started talking about what we needed for the company to be able to progress and move forward, it was definitely [true that] we needed something that was task oriented and helped us stay on track.” ~ Trista Nicholes 
“If we wanted to continue to grow and have more properties than we're currently handling, we needed something in place to be able to help us and LeadSimple has been that solution for us.” ~ Trista 

For them, the goal of implementing processes in LeadSimple was not just to keep track of what was getting done, but to improve the processes to avoid mistakes and improve on the customer experience across the board.

“Those little steps that were slipping through the cracks until an owner brought it up or asked for it has been able to be resolved, because we have the process in place to reach out to the owner and be more proactive and less reactive. … Those small little details that matter, in the long scheme of things, but in the shorthand, you know, get overlooked.” ~ Trista
“And also, part of that is we can grow to have more than 500 properties and still be able to keep our smaller, intimate team, and be able to handle everything and not feel overwhelmed, or not pick and choose which property we’re working on today or whatever. It’s all just there, everything can run smoothly, whether we have our 200 properties or 600 properties, whether we have our 6 team members or 15 team members, it’s all just there and smooth and seamless.” ~ Trista

Previously, the team was each using their own system to keep track of everything. This made it challenging for anyone to get a clear picture of everything that was being worked on or completed.

“I do know that before LeadSimple, we each had our way of organizing everything. And now it's all together so that we’re all on the same page.” ~ Elsy Torres, Tenant Communications

Trista and Elsy highlighted many of the benefits they and the team have felt after implementing LeadSimple. 

✅ Keeping on top of tasks that are overdue and need attention:

“If I don't actually click off a task and know that I did it, it stays there as a reminder, and it gets more obvious that it's past due and needs to be addressed. So it's helped me be able to get those tasks accomplished, stay on track with what's actually needed to be done.” ~ Trista
“But this just keeps things top of mind that it's still something that I'm working on. And it's past the date that I was hoping it would be completed by.” ~ Trista

✅ Communicating with the owners and tenants is much easier and more consistent:

“And honestly, it's helped a ton being able to be more communicative with the owners, because emails are built in. And as I'm going through the process, it's just right there, I send an email. And honestly, within a day, I typically have a response, whereas in the past, it's been like, two or three days, and [I remember], ‘Oh, yeah, I need to email the owner.’ So it's helped a lot.” ~ Trista
“Now our emails are more professional; they highlight all the important information that we need them to know. Before, it was just like copy and paste, and add a little bit to it. And it still didn't look as presentable as it is now.” ~ Elsy

✅ Also, detailed task instructions have turned their processes into living, breathing manuals that anyone on the team can follow and makes training new team members a breeze:

“In those instructions, it’s literally step-by-step from what I do, so that if Elsy needed to step in and add a property and had never done it before, she knows exactly what to do and in what order to do it. … Click here, do this, enter this information, copy and paste this information in, and it’s every, to me it’s the minutia, but that’s where we either succeed or we fail.” ~Trista

Trista and Elsy also repeatedly stressed how much they appreciate LeadSimple’s support and enjoyed the onboarding process with Quincy and Rachel, their implementation team.

“We were having weekly calls, [and] you guys were super helpful on those calls. And if we couldn't figure something out, you guys were there doing it, but also showing us at the same time so that we can learn for ourselves. … I felt that it was very smooth and easy. And you and Rachel, were just, you know, phenomenal to work with.” ~Trista
“You guys have just, I mean, your company in general; I really haven’t dealt with anybody but you Quincy or Rachel, but I felt like it’s maybe a company policy to have such good customer service, because you don’t get that from everybody. … You guys have just been so phenomenal and so friendly and approachable. … Keep up the good work!” ~Trista

When asked whether she would choose to implement LeadSimple again, Trista answered:

Not even a hesitation. I would do this again. I would maybe have more people on my team involved if it wasn’t too overwhelming. I would tell anybody to use you guys. Not a hesitation.” ~ Trista
“My team might be annoyed with me because in every meeting I’m like, ‘LeadSimple, LeadSimple, LeadSimple.’ I think I maybe love you a bit too much if that’s possible, but I think it’s been very good for our company.” ~ Trista

Trista had this advice for other property management companies looking at LeadSimple as their process/systems management tool:

“I would say, if you know that you have something you need to improve in, or an area you need help with, don’t wait. LeadSimple is there, they are a great system. Don’t put it off. Just take the next steps, take that leap, or whatever. Just do it. The process was smooth and easy. Like you said, it’s elevated our processes and our game tremendously and I still feel like it can help us even more. So that would be my advice. If you know you need some help, don’t hesitate. Just do it.” ~ Trista 

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