Prepping to Scale with LeadSimple

"It's an efficiency multiplier."

Charlie with Lucroy Residential knows that in order to grow and scale his startup property management company, he needs systems and processes in place.

That's why he's on LeadSimple Operations. 💙

Lucroy Residential is a property management startup in Jackson, Mississippi. As he started his company, Charlie knew from his past experience with previous companies that workflows, processes, and accountability are crucial to set a company up for success as it grows.

"Issues that we've had with previous companies was [lack of] workflow processes and accountability. And then when someone leaves and you have to bring someone else on, you train them from scratch. It just never really worked out."

So Charlie opted to go with LeadSimple and begin with processes and systems established.

"As I build my team and as I pass duties on, everything's in place to begin with. So I'm not having to build it on the fly. That was huge."

Once Charlie had built out his processes, he brought on a field operations manager. Now with the ecosystem in place, he can handoff work easily and is prepped to scale.

"I can concentrate on other things rather than just having to worry about walking step by step and explaining. 'I need you to go do this inspection here.' Or 'I need you to go hang this lock box' or everything like that."

With his processes in place, Charlie is ready to expand into other markets.

"It may be just within the state. But we've we've got our eyes on some other things. And so with that being said, I don't have to recreate the wheel again in Florida or in Alabama or or wherever we go. I've already got that process in place. It will be a lot easier to trust someone to run a market from afar, knowing that I have this in place, and that I can see what's going on."

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