Saving time & brain space with process management

“I went from catching up on tasks on the weekend, to turning my computer off on Friday and I don’t have to worry about it until Monday. That in and of itself, being able to spend time with my kids and my husband on the weekends; there’s no amount of money that I would pay to be able to have that.”

~Angel Getzinger, SCUDO Property Management

Angel Getzinger is the lead property manager at SCUDO Property Management, helping manage about 350 doors in the KC metro area. 

As a property manager, Angel has some great insights into how having processes and a systems management tool like LeadSimple affects a team on multiple levels.

Firstly, she described what it looked like before they implemented LeadSimple.

“My brain and Brittney’s brain and a whole lot of notes was essentially what we were doing before. Lots of emails and we had a weekly meeting to try and catch everybody up, and that just wasn’t feasible with as much as we were growing.”
“Previously, I was the one reaching out to schedule with the leasing coordinator to make sure they did the move in report. I had to make sure that report was uploaded into Appfolio, that it was done correctly in Appfolio, and that any maintenance orders that needed to be done or addressed either prior to or shortly after move in were then addressed with the maintenance team, which was also me at the time, and all that kind of stuff.”

Now that they have implemented process management in LeadSimple, the whole team is having a much easier time collaborating and tracking their work.

“Communication is easier, more free-flowing, cause we’re not bogged down with all of the questions: whose task this is and whose task that is….All of that has become much more streamlined and there’s no falling through the cracks; everything kinda falls in line, which is a huge, not only time-saver, but brain-saver, because now I don’t have to stress out about it every time.”
“I think as long as you're able to empower your team to take over the tasks that they need to be running on a day to day basis, you’re going to have a much happier team and a happier structure, and that always flows out into all the rest of what you’re doing.”

During our conversation, Angel mentioned two things over and over again that LeadSimple has given her: time and brain-space.

“The amount of time that it’s saved over the last 6-7 months has been invaluable. I mean, I went from catching up on tasks on the weekend, to turning my computer off on Friday; and I don’t have to worry about it until Monday. That in and of itself, being able to spend time with my kids and my husband on the weekends; there’s no amount of money that I would pay to be able to have that.”

Angel specifically highlighted some of her favorite features in LeadSimple:

✅ Templates at her fingertips to help respond quickly to new leads

✅ Automatic emails in processes so owners & tenants don’t have to wait

✅ Instructions to help new hires get on board right away

✅ The app - being able to send emails and move the process along on the go

“I don’t have to go searching for a template every 5 minutes when I need to send out an email or when we’re onboarding a new owner who has maybe multiple properties, it’s all able to live within there, and the templates all live within there, all that kind of stuff. I’m not hunting, I know who has to do what, it’s all laid out."
“Again, I feel like a walking billboard for you guys, but I LOVE the LeadSimple app. Because I can literally be at the park with my kids and I see an owner lead come through, all I have to do is click on the email button and it sends out the PM owner info email and I don’t have to worry about it! It’s all right there, I mean, as long as I have wifi or a signal I can send my emails.”

Angel also pointed out the similarity of what LeadSimple does for her team and what they provide their clients: time savings and peace of mind.

“You can’t buy time back...I feel like that’s what LeadSimple is for us: we’re able to have our time free again. We do that for our owners and make sure that they don’t have to worry about their properties or accounting and all that kind of stuff, and then you guys do that for us. I don’t have to worry on the weekends that all these processes aren’t getting done or those delinquency emails getting sent out; all of that is already getting taken care of.”

Angel also had some great advice for those looking to increase their time savings. 

“I think that if you can break things down by a process, it’s always gonna make your life simpler. If you can separate out the portions of your day into the processes you’re doing, especially as a property manager, with onboarding new properties, getting other properties ready for make readies, tenant move outs, etc - if you can separate them on the front end, and break down every single process that you do, you’re going to make your life infinitely easier in the long run.”

Her final thoughts were:

“I genuinely love the fact that I have more time. I feel like kind of a broken record saying it, but the fact that I was able to be out for 3 ½ days and not have to worry about stuff falling through the cracks; the team took everything and ran with it. Was there stuff I needed to catch up on Monday and help everybody with? Yes. But it was easy to catch up because everything was right there. Everything I needed to hop in was all right there. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

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