Growing doors and overcoming challenges in property management: with Steve Pierce

An amazing interview with Steve Pierce from Keyrenter Chester Property Management, where he shares his ambitious goals of retiring in a few years WHILE growing his door count FAST.

Steve shares:

✅ Solutions to common challenges in the property management industry

✅ The power of tool integrations with LeadSimple and AppFolio to automate business growth

✅ The surprising power of mindset

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Starting a property management business comes with its fair share of challenges, but entrepreneurs like Steve Pierce are finding innovative ways to overcome them. In a recent interview, Steve shared his insights into the hurdles he faces as he grows his business and how he plans to tackle them.

Who is Steve Pierce?

From Chester, Virginia, Steve is ex: military - construction - master electrician - builder, who went from flipping homes into the property management space, building out his company Keyrenter Chester Property Management. He’s building a one-stop-shop for his clients and using tool integrations (e.g. LeadSimple and AppFolio) to automate his business so he can scale rapidly.

His goal? 

➡️ To retire in a few years.

How does he plan to get there? 

➡️ See what he has to say below!

🔥🔥 Steve’s tips to growing a business FAST

✅ Optimize your business (it’s a MUST + it’s never too late!)

Anyone who is starting a business from scratch has an advantage. Steve is building his business with the advantage of getting to design it from the ground up as he wants; he can set up the right processes so he doesn’t have to fix them later. 

✅ Differentiate your business 

When starting out, you have the opportunity to position your business uniquely. Steve, for example, distinguishes his business by offering a one-stop-shop experience for his clients, eliminating the need for them to interact with anyone else but him. His background as an electrician and licensed realtor provides him with a competitive edge across all aspects of real estate.

✅ Underrated weapon: Mindset

“You need to be excited by growth if you want to make it.” 

Steve’s attitude is all about excitement and energy. By transforming setbacks into opportunities, he has dedicated to building a company that focuses on what could be, rather than what is.

✅ Have processes in place to increase your door count and lead generation

His primary challenge? Door count.

Currently managing 12 doors, Steve scaled up by adding one door per week over a month and a half. The best way to scale up is to automate processes that take up too much time and let them run in the background, and let the business grow itself. 

By automating repetitive tasks and optimizing his operations with LeadSimple's platform, Steve can focus on acquiring new properties and expanding his portfolio.

✅ Choose your clients wisely

“Not everyone is your client. It’s about figuring out a fit both ways. Is the client a right fit for you?” 

What energy is coming back from your clients? Are they asking questions? What value are both parties adding to the relationship?


You can’t communicate enough! If you give them everything upfront, they can never say “I didn’t know

Using these guiding principles, Steve ensures that all the doors he manages are aligned with his vision, goals, and expectations. It makes the business a lot more fun to run!

So, what does the future hold for Steve? 

Well, he is ramping up to scale from 15 to 75 doors in the next 6 months. How will he get there? Setting his pipeline, workflows, and processes in order. If you have the right platform and the right foundation, you can build something great on top of that. And that’s where LeadSimple comes in! 

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Fun fact: Steve has a collection of 285 hats!!!

Takeaway? Add your personality to the mix 💙

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