Quality control, fewer mistakes, and peace of mind

“I can have peace of mind knowing that there’s going to be less mistakes. Both Anthony and I have been like, “Oh yeah, I would have forgotten that if it wasn’t in there!” So it’s just small little details like the quality control and knowing things are going to be done right the first time.”

~ Kristian Sexton, Valley Homes Property Management

Valley Homes Property Management has a team of 8 people and manages 260+ doors in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Before coming to LeadSimple to help them manage all their operations, things were falling through the cracks.

“Owners were getting mad because we were not calling them or emailing them, or we were not keeping them in the loop. But that’s just one more piece that we didn’t have time to do because we were drowning.” 

~ Kristian Sexton, Valley Homes Property Management

They realized that they couldn’t keep track of everything that needed to be done.

“One human being cannot remember all these steps, and build a good relationship with the owner and the tenants. There’s no possible way. … There was too much work to keep up with and not a good way to do it, and so we were just barely treading water.”

Kristian Sexton came on to the team to help them get organized and build out systems. They tried many different task management and documentation softwares but none of them fit the bill to support property management processes.

That then brought them to LeadSimple. After building out her processes in LeadSimple’s Operations tool, Kristian is excited to finally have peace of mind.

If you are detailed enough and build your processes out enough that you know it’s bulletproof, I know there’s not going to be as many mistakes, because I’ve built in every step of that process. …Just small little details like the quality control and knowing things are going to be done right the first time.”

Kristian loves the automation built right into the processes.

“It’s still working when you’re not. … I forgot that I had set up an automatic email to go to the owner when I completed the walkthrough. So I completed a bunch of them yesterday and then I went to my email last night and I see that I have like a thousand emails. They were just responding and thanking me for telling them that we completed the walkthrough. It’s the little things that it’s going to do for me without me even having to push a button.”

The time savings have been immense as well.

“Before LeadSimple, I was the only one doing Lease Renewals, because you have to manually pull a report, and then you have to go in and see whether there are any open tasks, or are they already working this. It was this huge thing that took me hours. The fact that Lease Renewals is a revolving 90 days is not going to be as overwhelming as it was for me when I ran a monthly report.”

LeadSimple also becomes an effective tool to manage the team, from training new employees, to seeing at a glance every communication that has been sent to owners and tenants, to helping the team when they get stuck.

“I don’t have to remember what’s next in the process. I don’t have to know what to train them on next, because it’s all in there for them. …Now, all they have to do is ping me, @Kristian, and say ‘I’m stuck here’, and I can see in their tasks, I can go in and see where they’re stuck, and I can provide assistance without wasting my time trying to figure out what it is they missed.”

When asking what her advice would be to someone just beginning to dive into systematizing their business, Kristian answered:

“You need to know what you want your systems to look like. You need to know what you want your business to be known for, and what your steps are in the process. That’s your first step. Allow yourself time to think about it and write it down.”

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