Why Settle When You Can Excel? Saying Goodbye To Outdated Software

Discover how Sofia Fuentes, Senior Operations Manager at Verandah Properties, tackled the challenge of modernizing their processes in the ever-evolving property management industry. Facing outdated software and the risk of overlooked tasks, Sofia turned to LeadSimple for a solution.

Meet Sofia Fuentes, the Senior Operations Manager at Verandah Properties in Florida - a company that has been around for 20 years! Despite their seasoned experience, Sofia's team faced a common challenge: staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry. The solution? Implementing LeadSimple software into their existing processes. Here's how it went.


Outdated software, not keeping up with today’s demands

Sofia's journey with LeadSimple began with a desire to modernize their processes. Despite relying on wikis for over a decade, the team found themselves struggling to keep up with the demands of today's property management landscape. This meant dropping the ball on essential tasks, hindering their ability to provide top-notch service. Sofia needed modern software capable of automating tasks and reducing errors.


Tasks Never Overlooked with LeadSimple

The team's communication has gotten a major upgrade! They were on the ball with tenants and clients, making sure every interaction was quick and accurate. Plus, with automated email reminders, they never missed a beat, keeping client connections reliable and timely. And guess what? Their clients noticed it too—those touchpoints were happening more often and right on schedule, making their service top-notch!

Better Reviews! Shifting client perceptions

Sofia pointed out how clients appreciated the improved communication. They felt a sense of safety knowing they could count on consistent interaction, which really strengthened those relationships. This was especially great for new owners who needed that extra support.

💡 Onboarding: Approaching Change Management

Overcoming Resistance: Getting the Team on Board

Seasoned pros aren’t always comfortable with change. “If it works, why fix it?” was a mindset that they needed to address. The answer? Because it could work better! Showing the team how LeadSimple would streamline their workload eventually won everyone over as the relief from enhanced workflows started pouring in!

The Learning Curve: Mastering LeadSimple

Sofia found the support from LeadSimple invaluable especially during the learning curve phase. Working within the software became second nature, empowering the team to navigate the platform effortlessly.

💥 The Verdict

For Sofia, LeadSimple is user-friendly, consistent, and reliable—three pillars essential for operational precision in property management.

💬 Sofia’s Advice for Teams Considering LeadSimple

"If your processes need tightening and consistency, LeadSimple is the answer. Its technological reliability and seamless integration capabilities make it a game-changer for property management professionals".

More reasons PMs use LeadSimple

Property managers choose LeadSimple over other systems for a reason.

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