Next generation sales tools designed specifically for the property management industry

You want to make the most of every sales opportunity. We help you create the structure, automation and accountability needed to drive your sales to the next level.

Whether you want to improve contact rates, track agents in the field, or simply grow your business faster, here's how LeadSimple can help.

Capture and Collaborate

Import leads from anywhere, and make them accessible to everyone on your team

It's time to abandon spreadsheets, inboxes, scraps of paper and other fatally flawed systems for tracking relationships with future customers.

With LeadSimple, your leads are imported automatically in real time from your website or lead provider.

How It Works

Distribute Leads

Send them to the right person at the right time... automatically.

Instead of allowing new leads to go cold in someone's inbox, LeadSimple eliminates the middle man and puts them in the hands of a rep who can respond right away.

You make the rules.

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Realistic Reporting

Quantify your results, and see how to improve

If you could effortlessly see what is really happening in your sales process, would that make a difference for your business?

Start tracking return on investment from each lead source, see how each agent is performing, and find new opportunities to drive sales.

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“LeadSimple shows me how quickly a lead was responded to, how many follow up attempts were made and even lets me review recordings of sales calls for training.” Mark Brower, Broker - Mark Brower Properties

Passive Tracking

Track calls and emails as they happen

Any system that requires your team to manually enter calls and emails will inevitably be inaccurate and out of date.

LeadSimple makes it easy to log these activities as they happen without changing your workflow, saving you time and (finally!) giving you a realistic picture of your followup efforts.

How It Works

Sales Workflows

Build a custom followup plan

Workflows are a series of follow up tasks that map out your ideal workflow for each stage of the sales process. By defining and prescheduling the steps in your process you can ensure peak performance and consistent results.

Leadsimple Workflows

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Combine with the other apps you use

Need to sync your leads with your email marketing software? Or trigger actions in LeadSimple based on activity in another service? Consider it done.

LeadSimple is integrated with Zapier, which allows it to communicate with the other apps you use every day.

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