Tracking Owners

LeadSimple provides you with all the tools you need to track your Owner prospects, respond to new leads instantly, maintain consistent follow up, nurture cold leads and automate your sales process.

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Designed For the Way You Work

LeadSimple is the #1 CRM designed for property managers.


Pre-Built Templates

Every LeadSimple account includes our Owner sales workflows and templates, for free!

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Some of the Benefits

Respond to new leads instantly

Call leads back instantly via LeadSimple's powerful lead-connector feature. You'll be on the phone with them in the first 60 seconds after they contact you.

property management workflow

Maintain consistent follow-up

Follow pre-defined, customizable follow up workflows to maintain consistent follow up with every lead. Get reminded to call, send an email/text or complete a todo and track those activities without leaving LeadSimple.

property management workflow

Always communicate well

Use pre-written, customizable email and text message templates, to save follow up time and ensure all your email communication is consistent regardless of who sends it.

property management workflow

Nurture cold & lost prospects

Nurture cold or lost prospects in already-built campaigns designed to educate and circle back with leads that aren't ready to buy right now. These campaigns are automated and can be customized to fit your needs.

property management workflow

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