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Peter and the Wolf Webinar: 3 More Zaps in 30 Minutes

Season #2 of Peter and the Wolf returns with another 3 Zaps in 30 Minutes webinar! ‍In this episode, Peter and Wolf walked through multiple unique Zaps to help property managers streamline their processes, manage their Google reviews, and master their schedules.

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Season #2 of Peter and the Wolf returns with another 3 Zaps in 30 Minutes webinar! 

In this episode, Peter and Wolf walked through the following Zaps:

  • Pulling new clients from LeadSimple into Retently
  • Creating an issue in Ninety.io when you receive a new Google review
  • Starting LeadSimple processes on a regular schedule using Zapier Scheduler
  • Sending your emails to ChatGPT to create a summary of your emails to yourself as a direct message in Slack
  • and more!

Watch the replay to learn how to streamline your processes with Zapier, manage your Google reviews with ease, and master your schedule.

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Looking for Wolf's code from his Zapier Scheduler app? Find it right here!👇

const formatDigits = digit => String(digit).padStart(2, "0");

const d = new Date();
d.setMonth(d.getMonth() + 1);
d.setDate(d.getDate() - 1);

const day = formatDigits(d.getDate());
const month = formatDigits(d.getMonth() + 1);
const year = d.getFullYear();
const lastOfMonth = `${day}/${month}/${year}`;

output = [{ lastOfMonth }];


Aimee Berkompas

Aimee is the Content and Customer Education Manager at LeadSimple. She creates training, educational, and other content to help clients achieve success in sales, operations, and the health of their business. When she isn't working, she enjoys the outdoors, crafting, family time, and learning new skills.

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