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Rent Manager + LeadSimple Integration! 🎉

Get a demo of the new Rent Manager integration and listen in as Luke Schafer, Luke Street, Mark Brower, Mariah DeVogelaere, and Zach Berkompas chat about getting started with processes, the 80/20 rule, and improving your Google and Yelp reviews.

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“It allows us to focus a property manager's time where they make maximum impact. I think it's the biggest tragedy in our industry when a property manager, a highly skilled, highly capable property manager that that is equipped at high level problem solving and high level influence, when fifty percent of their time is moving low level tasks." - Mark Brower

Today we have an exciting launch: our brand new direct API integration with Rent Manager and LeadSimple!

In the webinar, Zach Berkompas, Luke Schafer, Luke Street, Mark Brower, and Mariah DeVogelaere chatted about:

  • Getting started with processes
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Improving your Google & Yelp reviews
  • Extreme ownership
  • Then Zach gave a demo of the new Rent Manager integration! 🎉

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Aimee Berkompas

Aimee is the Content and Customer Education Manager at LeadSimple. She creates training, educational, and other content to help clients achieve success in sales, operations, and the health of their business. When she isn't working, she enjoys the outdoors, crafting, family time, and learning new skills.

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