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7 Habits of Scalable Sales Teams


Property management isn't known for sales excellence...

That Needs To Change!

Scaling sales at your property management business can be both frustrating and exhilarating. The heroic efforts of a few strong Business Development Manager's is rarely enough to support a growing team and forecasting revenue with green salespeople can be incredibly frustrating. However, when you find the right combination of activities, it can feel like strapping yourself into a rocketship.

Are you experiencing any of the following struggles?

  • Do you have trouble holding your Business Development Manager accountable?
  • Are you frustrated about missing growth goals?
  • Have you been unable to quickly train and coach new sales reps?
  • Do you find it impossible to measure progress?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this framework was designed for you.

This webinar covers lessons learned from some of the most strategic sales consultants of the last ten years, including Jack Daly and Chet Holmes.

Jeremy has worked with many property management entrepreneurs who've built rapidly scaling sales teams that act as the backbone of growth.

Jeremy has crystallized these ideas into these simple, but powerful, seven habits that you can begin using today no matter how many sales people you have (even, if it is just you).

This interview covers:

  1. Ensuring every lead gets into the system
  2. Making sure every contact has a clear next step
  3. Creating qualification criteria
  4. Scripting your sales process
  5. Using templates to avoid reinventing the wheel
  6. Segmenting your leads into phases

Brought to you by:

Jeremy Pound of Juicy Results

Jordan Muela, CEO of LeadSimple and resident sales expert. He's been helping property managers generate owner leads since 2008 and lives and breathes lead generation and conversion. He's living proof that it's possible to be both ADHD and deeply passionate about utilizing the right systems to make critical business processes run like clockwork.

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