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Peter & the Wolf Webinar: Leading a Change Initiative In Your Company

"I tried to implement a new_________ but my team would not go along with it." Sound familiar? Listen in as Peter & Wolf discuss how to lead a change initiative in your company.

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"Well that program didn’t work….. what can I buy now to address _____________ in my company?"

“I tried to implement a new_________ but my team would not go along with it."

"Why won't they just use the new _________. I am doing this to make their life easier."

Sound familiar? Ever wondered why is it so hard to bring change to your company and what you can do about it?

Listen in as Peter & Wolf discuss how to:

  • Approach change with your employees with empathy
  • Get momentum going with a change
  • Prepare well for a change - calculating the switching costs, acknowledging the resources required, and giving plenty of time for the transition

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Aimee Berkompas

Aimee is the Content and Customer Education Manager at LeadSimple. She creates training, educational, and other content to help clients achieve success in sales, operations, and the health of their business. When she isn't working, she enjoys the outdoors, crafting, family time, and learning new skills.

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