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Instantly route new leads to multiple agents based on criteria you specify

How It Works

“Companies using automatic lead distribution experience an 87% higher conversion rate than those who distribute leads manually.” Best Lead Distribution Methods, 2013 - Velocify, Inc.


Get called instantly when a new lead arrives

When a new lead comes in from any of your lead sources, LeadSimple checks your lead routing rules to determine who to call. If you're on the list,

  • You will immediately receive a call playing back the basic details about the lead, and asking whether you want to be connected.
  • If you press 1, the system dials out, connects you to the prospect and assigns the lead to you.
  • If you press 2 or hang up, the system will reach out to the next person in the notification queue, until someone accepts the lead.
Connect with prospects in seconds

Advanced Configurations

Supporting the way your company works

LeadSimple supports a lot of creative configurations:

  • Chain multiple queues together, so if your front line agents aren’t available, LeadSimple will notify your second line, and so on.
  • Set up custom routing rules for different territories, so leads to your Orlando office get routed one way, and your Tampa leads another way.
  • Decide whether agents are notified by phone, sms, or email, and when they should receive these notifications.
  • Read more about lead distribution configurations.

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