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LeadSimple's State of the Union Address

Where LeadSimple is today and where it's going.

Closer Nation,

We’re almost halfway through 2019 and I want to update you on some material developments from the LeadSimple news desk.

First, YOU are awesome.

The +1,000 pm companies that are part of the LeadSimple family keep us hungry and motivated. The highlight of our year thus far was seeing so many of you at PM Grow...

Second, speaking of family - the LeadSimple family continues to expand.

RentScale is the newest LeadSimple venture and is quickly building killer pm sales teams across the industry.

We’re jointly hosting our second sales mastery event in Nashville in July. Also shout out to sister company ProfitCoach for releasing the NARPM Accounting Standards earlier this year.


We just released a complete rewrite of the front end of LeadSimple (see highlights) and while this release is light on new features it paves the way for future product releases.

The LeadSimple Product Roadmap

Before my CTO realizes what I’m committing the product team to and cuts off my internet connection let me share what’s going to be released later this year :)

This Month: Next week we’re releasing an integration with Loom and BombBomb. We strongly believe in the power of video and want to help YOU incorporate it into your business.

Next Quarter: Middle of next quarter we ship the first major build on top of the new front end that we just released. This will focus primarily on expanding the properties and contacts objects within LeadSimple. And if that means anything at all to you, score one for the developers!

The bottom line is that this release will allow you to manage your business relationships in one place. You’ll be able to build onboarding workflows for owners and tenants, re-use contacts and properties across deals, and engage with clients through the whole customer lifecycle.

Here’s a visual sneak peak.

A property record inside LeadSimple. It will show you all the data on the property and display the property Owner and any prospective or current Tenants.

A list of all the Properties you manage or may manage in the future.

A lead (or Relationship) record where you can add multiple contacts (for spouses or partners) and multiple properties (if the client owns multiple properties).

Lastly, there’s a top secret project that one of our developers (::cough:: Zach) has been toiling on in the wee hours that will ship first part of next quarter. It’s been a loooong time feature request and like a well fitting suit from Men's Wearhouse, “You’re gonna like the way it works - I guarantee it.” Seriously, it’s awesome. If Chris (CTO) wasn’t in my office staring me down as I write this I’d probably spill the beans about… but I won’t. Q3. Check your internets for news.

This Year: Workflow Automation. There, I said it. Want details? Mock ups? A feature list and comparison to XYZ workflow software? No, Niet, Nein. Chris just handed me a sticky note promising to “assist” me with “permanent inbox zero” if I share more details and I don’t want to find out what that means.

You already know about workflow, it’s how you run operations at your company whether that be via paper checklists or by using software like Asana, Process Street, etc.

How will our take be unique? Will it come with batteries? Is this essentially a roomba that tells your staff what to do? Get answers to all those questions and more in Q4. It’s a game changer.

Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.” -  Elon Musk

We believe this, and our entire team is pulling with one purpose - to help you tame the chaos of daily operations and turn clients into raving fans.

In conclusion. Drive it like you stole it. Dance like no one is looking. And place your bets on hot product releases throughout the rest of the year. We’re committed to keeping it 💯.


Jordan Muela

Chief Executive Cyclone

P.S. - If you can guess the mystery product release coming next quarter I will send you a realllllly nice pair of socks. I’m serious. We’re talking hem your pantline good looking. Try me.


Jordan Muela

Jordan is LeadSimple's CEO and one of the masterminds behind the original product. Off duty, Jordan enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, reading books on business and personal growth and spending time outdoors.

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