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Peter and the Wolf Webinar: Shared Inbox Strategies

How can you reduce your incoming emails? What are your policies around managing incoming communications? How are you cutting out silos and shortening your response time to clients? Learn how to do this and much more in this recent webinar!

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In this episode of Peter and the Wolf, Peter Lohmann and Wolfgang Croskey dug deep into shared inbox strategies for property management.

Watch the recording to hear them share how to:

  • Start by reducing your incoming emails!
  • Create policies around managing incoming communications
  • Structure and set up your shared inbox(es)
  • Shorten response times & retain clients
  • and much more!

Register for the next upcoming Peter and the Wolf webinar here.

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Aimee Berkompas

Aimee is the Content and Customer Education Manager at LeadSimple. She creates training, educational, and other content to help clients achieve success in sales, operations, and the health of their business. When she isn't working, she enjoys the outdoors, crafting, family time, and learning new skills.

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