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Webinar Panelists

Wolfgang Croskey

Owner, Croskey Real Estate

Wolfgang Croskey is a seasoned real estate professional and Owner of Croskey Real Estate. With extensive experience in property management and a Master’s in Education, he has taught middle school and served as a community leader. A dedicated NARPM member and father of six, Wolfgang is committed to excellence in all he does.

Madeline Vinson

Senior Account Manager at FIG Property Management

Madeline is an account manager at FIG Property Management, overseeing 700+ rental properties in East Tennessee. She leads a dedicated team to ensure owner and tenant satisfaction. Additionally, she runs Process Architect, a consulting business for small-scale property management companies. Madeline is passionate about serving her clients and community with integrity and excellence.

Matt Berkompas

Senior Product Designer at LeadSimple

Matt is a Product Designer at LeadSimple. He works with product managers and engineers to design solutions and improvements to the product and level up the user experience. When he’s not working, he enjoys cycling, family time, yard projects and spending time in the outdoors

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